Sunday, January 25, 2015

Last post April 2010! It can't be. So much has happened. I went to camp and got injured, had 2 knee surgeries and gained 30 pounds. Sooooo, I am at it again. This time changing my food for life. Making bad food choices got me in this way so I figured making good choices will get my out. I actually started this journey in June of 2014. My son got engaged and I had told him when he decides to get married Please! give me a year to get in shape for the celebration, and he did! He called and reminded me that I had made that request. That was the little shove that I needed. So I am eating healthy. No bread or grain, which by the way revealed that I have a sensitivity to gluten! I feel so much better. I don't eat refined sugar or processed foods. No dairy. I really have never been a drinker so that's not a problem. I like to say that I am a modified paleo dieter! Although I will occasionally have some rice and potatoes. So since June 2014 I have lost 25 pounds. Not ground breaking but definitely on the road. My knees feel better, it's easier to walk and get in and out of bed. I have 50 pounds to loose by Oct 23, 2015. I feel like I am going to make it happen. If you have words of encouragement I would love to hear them. This is the dress that I want to look fabulous in!!!!